Pantograph Lifting Platform

Receiving / Shipping Machinery


PantographLifting Platform

the platform is intended for loading and unloading pallets, carts, carousels, slaughtered and/or packaged meat, with lifting at truck/refrigerator level
Safety devices:
the platform is equipped with all the safety devices required by the specific European directives.
a suitable foundation wall structure is required, for which a layout will be provided.
Technical data:

  • Structure: AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Connecting ramp: manual or automatic, made to measure
  • Drive: hydraulic
  • Power supply voltage: 400 V - 60 Hz
  • Installed power: 2.2 Kw
  • Overall weight (average): Kg 12,000
  • Hydraulic unit oil capacity (A): 22 Lt.
  • Hydraulic operating pressure: 220 bar
  • Dimensions (mm): 1500 x 2200 - 1800 x 2200 - 2000 x 3000
  • Stroke (mm): 1800
  • Capacity: Kg 1500/3000

Scissor Lift

Use: It is used for loading and unloading trolleys and pallets when the shipping level is at the same level as the street level.
The platform floor aligns with both the truck floor and the plant floor.

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