Slaughtering machines

FOOD TECH INDUSTRY is an Italian company that designs and manufactures machinery for the food industry, mainly made in stainless steel. In particular, it specialises in machines for slaughtering, processing and boning of cattle, pigs as well as sheep and goats.

The company has been in business for more than 30 years and, thanks to its experience, manufactures highly reliable quality products. The operating plant using Made in Italy technology is located in the province of Bologna. In addition to the construction of machinery, FOOD TECH INDUSTRY, thanks to its established partners, can produce complete lines for the slaughtering, processing and boning of cattle, pigs and sheep.

Our services: after-sales support and maintenance in slaughtering machines

All the machines for slaughtering, processing and boning cattle, swine and sheep-goats that make up the production lines manufactured by FOOD TECH INDUSTRY are a guarantee of quality. In fact, we provide an after-sales service by qualified personnel with a deep knowledge of the product.

The company also offers efficient technical services for maintenance, repair or periodic overhaul of machines, with regard to components that may be subject to wear.

The interventions can be carried out by remote assistance or directly on site and can also be scheduled on machines of other manufacturers.

Customer service, which can be contacted by e-mail or telephone, is available every day to respond to customer requests.